Meet The Jones'

Stephen C. Jones


Stephen focuses his practice on protecting the assets that families have worked a lifetime to accumulate. After watching his grandparents battle through the Alzheimer’s disease progression, he understands first hand the type of financial devastation that lays in wait for the unprepared. For this reason, he has made it his personal mission to make sure his clients are educated and prepared to take the steps necessary to protect their life’s work.


"No one should have to suffer through the loss of their family business and life savings like my Read-more

Rosalind M. Robertson

Managing Counsel

Rosalind takes a highly personalized approach to the practice of elder law. Like Stephen, she was drawn to the areas of Elder Law and Estate Planning through a combination of personal experience, passion and a particular aptitude for the areas of law. Rosalind’s paternal grandmother spent seven years in a nursing home. She was physically healthy as can be, but suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.

"I understand the pain of loving someone with Alzheimer’s Disease. I remember the heart break of walking into my grandmother’s room and her not Read-more

Meet The Team

Janel N. Lorts

Client Services Coordinator


Victoria A. Robertson