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“A man may be so much of everything that he is nothing of anything.”  – Samuel Johnson, The Life of Johnson, Vol 4

What is the “Guiding Light Coverage Program”?

Is asset protection planning just about Medicaid?

We had a Trust and other estate planning documents years ago. Will they protect me as I get older?

What is the most important legal document?

Is Medicaid planning about getting money to my kids?

I already have a Trust, am I protected?

Is asset protection only for the wealthy?

Can I give all of my assets to my spouse and have them be protected?

How does the Medicaid spend down work?

Will Medicare pay for any of my costs at a nursing home?

I heard that Medicaid can take my home. Is that true?

Can I give away $10,000 to anyone I want?

What if I sell my home or other assets to my children for $1?

Should I put my assets into my children’s names to hold for me?

What is a Medicaid Penalty Period?

If I give any of my assets away, do I have to wait five years to apply for Medicaid?

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